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Take this quiz questions on Andy Bernard from the famous show The Office?

Take this quiz questions on Andy Bernard from the famous show The Office

Andy Bernard is a fictional character from the NBC television series The Office.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 09-Mar-2020

Q1: Which actor portrayed the character Andy Bernard

  • A. John Krasisnki
  • B. Steve Carell
  • C. Ed Helms
  • D. Oscar Nunez

Q2: What is Andy's nickname for Ryan Howard

  • A. Temp
  • B. Big Turkey
  • C. Big Tuna
  • D. Bossman

Q3: Andy suffers from which functional disorder

  • A. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • B. Fibromyalgia
  • C. Interstitial Cystitis
  • D. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Q4: At which Dunder Mifflin branch he was a regional director in Charge Of Sales

  • A. Nashua Branch
  • B. Stamford Branch
  • C. Albany Branch
  • D. Akron Branch

Q5: With which co-worker he was in a relationship in season 4

  • A. Angela
  • B. Pam
  • C. Erin
  • D. Nellie

Q6: What causes Andy to put his fist through the wall

  • A. Erin dating someone
  • B. Dwight Shunning Him
  • C. Angela Dating Someone
  • D. Due to Jim's prank

Q7: What was his nickname for Jim Halpert

  • A. Big Tuna
  • B. Jimmy
  • C. Halpert
  • D. Big Chicken

Q8: Who replaces Andy as a Regional Manager while he was in Florida

  • A. Nellie Bertram
  • B. Kelly Kapoor
  • C. Angela Martin
  • D. Gabe Lewis

Q9: Andy brings his girlfriend Jessica to which office party

  • A. Casino Party
  • B. Halloween Party
  • C. Christmas Party
  • D. Pretzel Party

Q10: What does Andy give to Michael as a farewell gift

  • A. A watch
  • B. Perfume
  • C. Pen
  • D. Wine

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