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How well you know about Atypical season 3? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Atypical season 3? Take this quiz to know

Atypical is an American comedy drama streaming television series created by Robia Rashid.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 06-Dec-2020

Q1: Who sets the mattress on fire

  • A. Sam
  • B. Elsa
  • C. Luisa
  • D. Jane

Q2: Who was rushed to the hospital for Appendicitis

  • A. Casey
  • B. Doug
  • C. Sam
  • D. Elsa

Q3: What is Megan's daughter's name

  • A. Anna
  • B. Jennifer
  • C. Joana
  • D. Amber

Q4: Who was Sam's note taker

  • A. Elena
  • B. Jane
  • C. Evelyn
  • D. Sienna

Q5: What is Evan's dog's name

  • A. Tom
  • B. Jerry
  • C. Dewey
  • D. Rain

Q6: Where did Zahid met Gretchen

  • A. By a dumpster
  • B. In a shopping mall
  • C. In Target
  • D. In a Restaurant

Q7: Who is the manager of Techtropolis

  • A. Michael
  • B. Alan
  • C. Hansel
  • D. Bob

Q8: What did Gretchen stole from Techtropolis

  • A. A television
  • B. A fitbit
  • C. A watch
  • D. A fridge

Q9: Who bought Paige's canoe

  • A. Elsa
  • B. Anna
  • C. Sam
  • D. Zahid

Q10: What is Julia's baby boy's name

  • A. Hanzo
  • B. Nick
  • C. Sherlock
  • D. John

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