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How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 10? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 10? Take this quiz to know

The tenth season of the American sitcom Big Bang Theory premiered on CBS

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 05-May-2020

Q1: Who told the pharmaceutical company that Bernadette is pregnant

  • A. Amy
  • B. Ruchi
  • C. Janice
  • D. Penny

Q2: What is Bert's profession

  • A. Doctor
  • B. Teacher
  • C. Geologist
  • D. Photographer

Q3: Who knows the gender of the Howard and Bernadette's baby

  • A. Sheldon
  • B. Raj
  • C. Leonard
  • D. Penny

Q4: What is the name of the cleaning lady, Raj was attracted to

  • A. Issabella
  • B. Donna
  • C. Emily
  • D. Jenna

Q5: Who has won the MacArthur Fellowship

  • A. Barry
  • B. Bert
  • C. Jake
  • D. Mary

Q6: What is Howard and Bernadette's baby's name

  • A. Debbie
  • B. Elaine
  • C. Halley
  • D. Mimi

Q7: Who does Penny take with her in the spa weekend

  • A. Leonard
  • B. Sheldon
  • C. Howard
  • D. Amy

Q8: Who became Howard and Bernadette's baby's godfather

  • A. Raj
  • B. Stuart
  • C. Leonard
  • D. Sheldon

Q9: Who does Raj appoint to be his financial manager

  • A. Leonard
  • B. His father
  • C. Barry
  • D. Sheldon

Q10: Who was Sheldon's old admirer

  • A. Ramona Nowitzki
  • B. Jenna Fischer
  • C. Angela Parsons
  • D. Olivia Kuoko

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