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How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 5? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 5? Take this quiz to know

The Big Bang Theory season 5 was aired from September 22, 2011 to May 10, 2012 over 24 episodes.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 16-Apr-2020

Q1: Where does Penny's new chair came from

  • A. Craiglist
  • B. From Home
  • C. From a Shop
  • D. From the Street

Q2: Which instrument does Amy play

  • A. Harp
  • B. Piano
  • C. Violin
  • D. Cello

Q3: With whom Amy attended her friend's wedding

  • A. Penny
  • B. Leonard
  • C. Howard
  • D. Sheldon

Q4: For which animal Sheldon calls animal control

  • A. A Blue Jay
  • B. A Owl
  • C. Lion
  • D. Snake

Q5: In which journal does Amy's paper get published

  • A. Chemical Reviews
  • B. Journal Of Nutrition
  • C. Nano Letters
  • D. Neurons

Q6: What was the nickname given to Howard by other astronauts

  • A. Rocket Man
  • B. Froot Loops
  • C. Sock Mouth
  • D. Johnny Queen

Q7: How much Raj paid on ebay for a handcrafted Harry Potter wand

  • A. 300 Dollars
  • B. 22 Dollars
  • C. 25 Dollars
  • D. 12 Dollars

Q8: What was Amy's imaginary boyfriend's name

  • A. Glenn
  • B. Armen
  • C. Allen
  • D. Conard

Q9: In which commercial does Penny starred in

  • A. A Chocolate Commercial
  • B. A Perfume Commercial
  • C. A Hemorrhoid Commercial
  • D. A Shoe Commercial

Q10: With whom Leonard cheat on Priya

  • A. Angela
  • B. Pam
  • C. Martha
  • D. Alice

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