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Bossa Nova Maestro: The Astrud Gilberto Quiz?

Bossa Nova Maestro: The Astrud Gilberto Quiz

Bossa Nova Maestro: The Astrud Gilberto Quiz

   Author : Jonathan

   Posted On : 07-Jun-2023

Q1: Which country is Astrud Gilberto originally from?

  • A. Brazil
  • B. Spain
  • C. France
  • D. Italy

Q2: Astrud Gilberto is best known for her smooth vocals in which genre of music?

  • A. Jazz
  • B. Pop
  • C. Rock
  • D. Reggae

Q3: In the 1960s, Astrud Gilberto gained international fame for her collaboration on which popular bossa nova song?

  • A. The Girl from Ipanema
  • B. Samba de Orfeu
  • C. Desafinado
  • D. Corcovado

Q4: Which iconic American jazz saxophonist did Astrud Gilberto collaborate with on the album "Getz/Gilberto"?

  • A. John Coltrane
  • B. Charlie Parker
  • C. Miles Davis
  • D. Stan Getz

Q5: Astrud Gilberto's debut album, released in 1964, is titled:

  • A. Beach Samba
  • B. Look to the Rainbow
  • C. Wind of the Black Mountains
  • D. The Astrud Gilberto Album

Q6: Which song did Astrud Gilberto sing in the 1967 James Bond film "Casino Royale"?

  • A. Fly Me to the Moon
  • B. The Look of Love
  • C. Moon River
  • D. Diamonds Are Forever

Q7: Astrud Gilberto's singing style is often described as:

  • A. Ethereal
  • B. Soulful
  • C. Powerful
  • D. Energetic

Q8: Which language did Astrud Gilberto primarily sing in?

  • A. English
  • B. Portuguese
  • C. French
  • D. Spanish

Q9: Astrud Gilberto's collaboration with Stan Getz won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in which year?

  • A. 1962
  • B. 1964
  • C. 1966
  • D. 1968

Q10: Astrud Gilberto's influence on music is often associated with:

  • A. Bossa nova
  • B. Reggae
  • C. Disco
  • D. Hip-hop

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