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Can you answer this quiz questions based on Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2?

Can you answer this quiz questions based on Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2

The second season of the television sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered on Fox with 23 episodes.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 25-Apr-2020

Q1: Which detective went undercover for a case

  • A. Gina
  • B. Rosa
  • C. Jake
  • D. Charles

Q2: Who is Captain Holt's nemesis

  • A. Madelyn Wuntch
  • B. Julia George
  • C. Eddie Elton
  • D. Dave Fumero

Q3: Which employee decides to go through Vasectomy

  • A. Charles
  • B. Terry
  • C. Holt
  • D. Scully

Q4: Who wants Rosa's friend Katie's number

  • A. Charles
  • B. Terry
  • C. Scully
  • D. Jake

Q5: What was Sophia Perez's profession

  • A. Professor
  • B. Architect
  • C. Attorney
  • D. Modelling

Q6: Which detective wants to get rid of cigarette addiction

  • A. Amy
  • B. Rosa
  • C. Gina
  • D. Lina

Q7: Who was dating Rosa

  • A. Matt
  • B. Marcus
  • C. Matthew
  • D. Russell

Q8: What is Jake's father's name

  • A. Captain David Newman
  • B. Captain Daniel Weiz
  • C. Captain Roger Peralta
  • D. Captain Michael Norm

Q9: Which actor portrayed the role of Doug Judy

  • A. Dirk Blocker
  • B. Nick Cannon
  • C. Stephen Root
  • D. Bradley Whitford

Q10: In the last episode "Johnny and Dora" who leaves the squad

  • A. Jake
  • B. Terry
  • C. Captain Holt
  • D. Scully

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