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Answer this quiz questions based on Champions season 1 and check your score?

Answer this quiz questions based on Champions season 1 and check your score

Champions is an American comedy television series created by Charlie Grandy and Mindy Kaling.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 31-Jul-2020

Q1: What is the name of the gym owned by Vince

  • A. Brooklyn Champions
  • B. Winners Gym
  • C. Hard Work
  • D. Strength Club

Q2: What is Michael's mother's name

  • A. Lakshmi
  • B. Kelly
  • C. Priya
  • D. Mina

Q3: In the audition which song was sung by Michael

  • A. We will rock you
  • B. We are the champions
  • C. Too good at goodbye
  • D. Bad Guy

Q4: How much money was required to pay the fine to regain the gym

  • A. $2345
  • B. $2300
  • C. $4566
  • D. $5000

Q5: Who became Michael's math tutor

  • A. Dana
  • B. Matt
  • C. Ruby
  • D. Donna

Q6: What is the name of Vince's competitor's gym

  • A. Ladies Gym
  • B. Witty Club
  • C. Lifestyle Club
  • D. Lumps Club

Q7: Who portrayed the role of Ro

  • A. Yassir Lester
  • B. Hasan Minhaj
  • C. Aziz Anzari
  • D. Kunal Nayyar

Q8: Which party is celebrated by the gym crew when Vince leaves the gym

  • A. No Boss Party
  • B. Vince Less Party
  • C. Vincemas
  • D. Vince Day

Q9: Where does Michael used to live before he came to New York

  • A. Cleveland
  • B. Dayton
  • C. Akron
  • D. Toledo

Q10: Who at the end became Michael's grandparent for his project

  • A. Gregg
  • B. Uncle Bud
  • C. Asher
  • D. Britney

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