Answer this quiz questions about 2 Broke Girls season 1 and check your score?

The first season of the American television series 2 Broke Girls premiered on CBS.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Who was fired from the diner in the Pilot episode

  • A. Paulina
  • B. Jennifer
  • C. Ariana
  • D. Katy

Q2: What is Caroline's horse's name

  • A. Hazelnut
  • B. Chestnut
  • C. Cashew
  • D. Raisin

Q3: Where does Max take Caroline for shopping

  • A. Target
  • B. Walgreens
  • C. Charity Shop
  • D. Walmart

Q4: Who is the owner of the diner

  • A. Jee Chang Wook
  • B. Jeeshan Joon
  • C. Park Shin Ye
  • D. Han Lee

Q5: What kind of theme party was hosted at the diner

  • A. Meryl Streep theme party
  • B. 1990s theme party
  • C. Cher Costume theme party
  • D. 1890s theme party

Q6: What kind of bed did Caroline buy for herself

  • A. Book Bed
  • B. California King
  • C. Rocking Bed
  • D. Murphy Bed

Q7: What is Johnny's girlfriend's name

  • A. Sienna
  • B. Monica
  • C. Cash
  • D. Krystal

Q8: Who adopted Caroline's horse during the winter

  • A. Peach
  • B. Martha Stewart
  • C. Aziz
  • D. Pete Davidson

Q9: What is the name of Max and Caroline's new upstairs neighbour

  • A. Sophie
  • B. Rachel
  • C. Lisa
  • D. Lizzi

Q10: What did Caroline do to pay the lawyer's fee

  • A. Participated in a cometition
  • B. Started working double shifts at the diner
  • C. Took loan from Sophie
  • D. Took part in a drug trial