How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 12? Take this quiz to know?

The twelfth and final season of the American sitcom The Big Bang theory premiered on CBS.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Where did Sheldon and Amy go for their honeymoon

  • A. London
  • B. Boston
  • C. Las Vegas
  • D. New York

Q2: Name the woman Raj's father set him up with

  • A. Ruchi
  • B. Sienna
  • C. Anu
  • D. Lalita

Q3: Who was Sheldon's childhood best friend

  • A. Tam
  • B. Eric
  • C. Jack
  • D. Charles

Q4: Who joined Raj in the planetarium

  • A. Sheldon
  • B. Howard
  • C. Amy
  • D. Stuart

Q5: Who dresses as Sheldon for Halloween

  • A. Amy
  • B. Howard
  • C. Raj
  • D. Leonard

Q6: From whom Larry started learning magic

  • A. Sheldon
  • B. Raj
  • C. Leonard
  • D. Howard

Q7: Who does Sheldon and Amy recruit for writing citations

  • A. Barry
  • B. Bert
  • C. Leonard
  • D. John

Q8: What is Stuart's girlfriend's name

  • A. Denise
  • B. Donna
  • C. Pam
  • D. Angela

Q9: With whom Zack got married to

  • A. Mary
  • B. Allison
  • C. Marissa
  • D. Jeanine

Q10: Who won the Nobel prize

  • A. Leonard
  • B. Barry
  • C. Sheldon and Amy
  • D. Bernadette