How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 7? Take this quiz to know?

The seventh season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory aired on CBS from september 26, 2013 to may 15, 2014.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: In the "The Scavenger Vortex" who is paired with Sheldon in this game

  • A. Amy
  • B. Leonard
  • C. Raj
  • D. Penny

Q2: Which movie does Sheldon wants Amy to watch with him

  • A. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • B. Arrival
  • C. Looper
  • D. The Martian

Q3: Who does Professor Proton ask to review his recent paper

  • A. Sheldon
  • B. Howard
  • C. Leonard
  • D. Raj

Q4: Who hacked into Professor Proton's email

  • A. Bernadette
  • B. Sheldon
  • C. Stuart
  • D. Barry

Q5: With which friend Penny set up a date with Raj

  • A. Lauren
  • B. Emma
  • C. Julie
  • D. Lizzy

Q6: From which talk show does Sheldon walks out

  • A. Science Friday
  • B. Larry King Live
  • C. Science Day
  • D. Good Day Listeners

Q7: Which celebrity does Sheldon decide to ask for his comic book convention

  • A. Leonard Nemoy
  • B. William Shatner
  • C. James Earl Jones
  • D. James Doohan

Q8: In which excursion train do Amy and Sheldon go out

  • A. Bernina Express
  • B. The Train To The Clouds
  • C. The Danube Express
  • D. Napa Valley Wine Train

Q9: Who started dating Raj

  • A. Jesse
  • B. Emily
  • C. Penny
  • D. Anna

Q10: Who does attend Professor Proton's funeral

  • A. Leonard and Penny
  • B. Raj and Emily
  • C. Howard and Bernadette
  • D. Sheldon and Amy