How well you know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6? Take this quiz to know?

The sixth season of the television sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine premiered on NBC.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Where did Jake and Amy spend their honeymoon

  • A. In Paris
  • B. In Korea
  • C. In Mexico
  • D. In Italy

Q2: Who became the new commissioner

  • A. John Kelly
  • B. Raymond Holt
  • C. Donna Gini
  • D. Madeline Ray

Q3: By which name Jake was framed in High School

  • A. Cheater
  • B. The Tattler
  • C. The Dope
  • D. The Dodger

Q4: What is Doug Judy's sister's name

  • A. Trudy Judy
  • B. Dame Judy
  • C. Brook Judy
  • D. Sis Judy

Q5: In this season which character leaves the precinct

  • A. Rosa
  • B. Terry
  • C. Jake
  • D. Gina

Q6: Who was Captain Holt's arch nemesis

  • A. The Holt Enemy
  • B. The Disco Strangler
  • C. The Disco Choker
  • D. The Chaser

Q7: Who portrayed the role of Gintars Irbe

  • A. Chris Messina
  • B. Ben Wyatt
  • C. Ike Barinholtz
  • D. Rob Lowe

Q8: In the halloween heist who teams up with Terry

  • A. Jake
  • B. Rosa
  • C. Charles
  • D. Captain Holt

Q9: Who ultimately wins the Halloween Heist

  • A. Captain Holt
  • B. Terry
  • C. Kevin
  • D. No One

Q10: At the end of the season who became the acting commissioner

  • A. Madeline Wuntch
  • B. John Kelly
  • C. Captain Holt
  • D. Amy Santiago