Take this interesting quiz about different shows on Cartoon Network?

Cartoon Network is the best place for cartoons. It consists of all the best legendary shows for children to enjoy.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: What was the name of Popeye

  • A. Blake
  • B. Brick
  • C. Brutus
  • D. Bluto

Q2: What was the name of Johnny Bravo's neighbour

  • A. Maggie
  • B. Anna
  • C. Suzy
  • D. Judie

Q3: What did Pokemon Villains Jesse and James call themselves

  • A. Team Rocket
  • B. Team Win
  • C. Hot Shots
  • D. Team Flight

Q4: Name the High School everyone studied at in X Men: Evolution

  • A. X Mansion
  • B. Bayville High
  • C. Mystic High
  • D. Scott High

Q5: Name the people who created the Tom And Jerry show

  • A. Ken Lenny and Will Hide
  • B. Joel Jason and Ferhat Ray
  • C. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
  • D. Abe Johnson and John Dave

Q6: What is DeeDee's favourite dance in the show

  • A. The Unicorn Dance
  • B. Nae Nae
  • C. Salsa
  • D. Hip Hop

Q7: Who is the smart one among the duo of Billy and Mandy

  • A. Billy
  • B. Mandy
  • C. Both Of Them
  • D. Neither Of Them

Q8: Name any one villain from the power puff girls

  • A. Him
  • B. Ms Keane
  • C. Talking Dog
  • D. Mayor

Q9: Which town is the Powerpuff girls series based in

  • A. Hobart
  • B. Townsville
  • C. Darwin
  • D. Gold Coast

Q10: What was the name of Courage, The Cowardly Dog's loving owner

  • A. Janice
  • B. Mindy
  • C. Kelly
  • D. Muriel