How well you know about Crashing season 1? Take this quiz to know?

Crashing is a British comedy drama series commissioned by Channel 4 and produced by Big Talk Productions.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Who is Kate's fiancee

  • A. Anthony
  • B. Red
  • C. Eric
  • D. Sam

Q2: Which actress portrayed the character of Lulu

  • A. Angelina Jolie
  • B. Louise Ford
  • C. Phoebe Waller Bridge
  • D. Julie Dray

Q3: With whom Sam was partnered in the scavenger hunt

  • A. Anthony
  • B. Fred
  • C. Kate
  • D. Lulu

Q4: What is Lulu's profession

  • A. Doctor
  • B. Painter
  • C. Real Estate Agent
  • D. Receptionist

Q5: What is Fred's new boyfriend's name

  • A. Brad
  • B. Mike
  • C. Will
  • D. John

Q6: What is the name of the french artist

  • A. Melody
  • B. Lulu
  • C. Kate
  • D. Jessica

Q7: In which place all of them live

  • A. In a palace
  • B. In a cheap motel
  • C. In an unused hospital
  • D. In a apartment

Q8: Which instrument does Lulu plays

  • A. Guitar
  • B. Flute
  • C. Cello
  • D. Ukulele

Q9: Which actor portrayed the role of Colin

  • A. Adrian Scarborough
  • B. Amit Shah
  • C. Lockie Chapman
  • D. Damien Molony

Q10: What is Kate's colleague's name

  • A. Pam
  • B. Donna
  • C. Jessica
  • D. Joana