How well you know about Fleabag? Take this quiz to know?

Fleabag is a British comedy drama television series created and written by Phoebe Waller Bridge.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Which actress portrayed the character Fleabag

  • A. Phoebe Waller Bridge
  • B. Olivia Colman
  • C. Fiona Shaw
  • D. Sian Clifford

Q2: Who was Fleabag's best friend

  • A. Claire
  • B. Martin
  • C. Boo
  • D. Henry

Q3: Which city the series is based on

  • A. New York
  • B. Arizona
  • C. Boston
  • D. London

Q4: In which year Fleabag was premiered

  • A. 2016
  • B. 2012
  • C. 2000
  • D. 2018

Q5: Where does Fleabag meet the priest

  • A. At the Church
  • B. At The Bus Stop
  • C. At the Restaurant
  • D. At her house

Q6: What kind of pet Fleabag have

  • A. Mouse
  • B. Guinea Pig
  • C. Cat
  • D. Dog

Q7: Who portrayed the character of Hot Priest

  • A. Martin Freeman
  • B. Brad Pitt
  • C. Mark Gariss
  • D. Andrew Scott

Q8: Who is Fleabag's sister

  • A. Pam
  • B. Boo
  • C. Tina
  • D. Claire

Q9: With whom did Fleabag's father get married to

  • A. Her Godmother
  • B. Claire
  • C. Jane
  • D. Her Friend

Q10: With whom Martin goes for shopping

  • A. Claire
  • B. Boo
  • C. Fleabag
  • D. Pam