How well you know about Friends from college season 2 and check how much you know about the show?

Friends from college is an American comedy television series created by Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Where did the group of friends meet after a long

  • A. In a food conference
  • B. In a birthday party
  • C. In a hotel lobby
  • D. In Max and Felix's engagement party

Q2: In the second season who was Lisa's boyfriend

  • A. Charlie
  • B. Ethan
  • C. Jon
  • D. Jorah

Q3: In which place was Max's bachelor's party was celebrated

  • A. Paris
  • B. Atlantic City
  • C. London
  • D. Chicago

Q4: Who did Nick invite to a weekend plan with Merill

  • A. Marlee
  • B. Justin
  • C. Lisa
  • D. Joanna

Q5: Who started to co write a book with Ethan

  • A. Max
  • B. Lisa
  • C. Charlie
  • D. John

Q6: What is Ethan's roommate's name

  • A. Charlie
  • B. Walden
  • C. Jon
  • D. Alan

Q7: What is Felix's profession

  • A. Professor
  • B. Karate Coach
  • C. Doctor
  • D. Actor

Q8: Which character gets pregnant in this season

  • A. Lisa
  • B. Sam
  • C. Marianne
  • D. Merill

Q9: Who officiated Max and Felix's wedding

  • A. Glenn
  • B. Max's mother
  • C. Marianne
  • D. Tag

Q10: Who portrayed the role of Jon Spurling

  • A. Brad Pitt
  • B. Fred Savage
  • C. Nat Faxon
  • D. Greg Germann