Take this Grace and Frankie season 4 quiz and check your score?

Grace and Frankie is an American comedy series which premiered on May 8, 2015, on Netflix.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Where was Frankie at the beginning of the series

  • A. Santa Fe
  • B. Paris
  • C. San Diego
  • D. Bath

Q2: Which actress portrayed the role of Sheree

  • A. Courtney Cox
  • B. Lisa Kudrow
  • C. Jennifer Aniston
  • D. Anna Faris

Q3: What is Sheree's profession

  • A. Modelling
  • B. Teacher
  • C. Manicurist
  • D. Doctor

Q4: Which one of Grace's friend live in retirement home

  • A. Arlene
  • B. Joana
  • C. Mallory
  • D. Adriana

Q5: What animal escapes from the local zoo

  • A. Lion
  • B. Tiger
  • C. Zebra
  • D. Orangutan

Q6: What is Frankie's granddaughter's name

  • A. Bella
  • B. Esme
  • C. Faith
  • D. Donna

Q7: Who was Brianna's competitor

  • A. Lauren
  • B. Heidi
  • C. Rooney
  • D. Julia

Q8: What is Frankie's sister's profession

  • A. Professor
  • B. Doctor
  • C. Engineer
  • D. Sales Representative

Q9: Which character Grace was dating

  • A. Robert
  • B. Sol
  • C. Nick
  • D. Chris

Q10: Who won the Tappy Award

  • A. Grace
  • B. Frankie
  • C. Sol
  • D. Robert