Take this quiz questions about Jim Halpert from The Office?

Jim Halpert is a fictional character from NBC's The Office portrayed by John Krasinski.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: What is the name of the sports marketing company Jim creates with his friends

  • A. Connected Sports Agency
  • B. Philadelphia Sports
  • C. Athlead
  • D. Allied Athletes

Q2: Who attempts to punch Jim in the face

  • A. Dwight
  • B. Michael
  • C. Toby
  • D. Roy

Q3: What sport Jim play in High School

  • A. Swimming
  • B. Basketball
  • C. Football
  • D. Cricket

Q4: Who was his Manager in the office

  • A. Michael
  • B. Angela
  • C. David Wallace
  • D. Kevin

Q5: What is Andy's Nickname for Jim

  • A. Big Lamb
  • B. Potato Chips
  • C. Big Tuna
  • D. Fish

Q6: How many kids did Jim have

  • A. 2
  • B. 1
  • C. none
  • D. 3

Q7: What does Jim get Pam for Secret Santa

  • A. Picture Frame
  • B. Earrings
  • C. Teapot
  • D. Chocolate

Q8: Who does Jim frequently prank in the office

  • A. Michael
  • B. Angela
  • C. Kevin
  • D. Dwight

Q9: How much did Jim pay to dress up like Dwight

  • A. 20 dollars
  • B. 12 dollars
  • C. 11 dollars
  • D. 30 dollars

Q10: Who does Jim date after transferring from Scranton

  • A. Jan
  • B. Karen
  • C. Pam
  • D. Angela