Take this Justin Trudeau Quiz and check how much you know about him?

Take this Justin Trudeau Quiz and check how much you know about him

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   Author : Jonathan

Q1: How many times has Justin Trudeau served as the Prime Minister of Canada?

  • A. Once
  • B. Twice
  • C. Three times
  • D. Four times

Q2: When was Justin Trudeau born?

  • A. 25 December 1971
  • B. 25 December 1970
  • C. 4 July 1970
  • D. 14 February 1969

Q3: Which university did Justin Trudeau graduate from?

  • A. University of Toronto
  • B. University of Alberta
  • C. University of Waterloo
  • D. McGill University

Q4: In which country did Justin Trudeau win the Prime Minister election?

  • A. Poland
  • B. USA
  • C. Canada
  • D. Indonesia

Q5: What is a notable aspect of Justin Trudeau's political career?

  • A. Serving as a senator
  • B. Running for mayor
  • C. Winning a Nobel Prize
  • D. Serving two terms as Prime Minister

Q6: How is Justin Trudeau perceived in Canada?

  • A. Universally loved
  • B. Universally hated
  • C. Loved and hated equally
  • D. Not known to the public

Q7: What is Justin Trudeau's middle name?

  • A. Robert
  • B. Michael
  • C. Pierre
  • D. Joseph

Q8: Which political party does Justin Trudeau belong to?

  • A. Conservative Party
  • B. New Democratic Party
  • C. Liberal Party
  • D. Green Party

Q9: Which year did Justin Trudeau start his second term as Prime Minister?

  • A. 2015
  • B. 2016
  • C. 2017
  • D. 2018

Q10: How is Justin Trudeau's relationship with First Nations perceived?

  • A. Transformative
  • B. Controversial
  • C. Indifferent
  • D. Unaware