Take this quiz questions based on Kim Convenience season 2? Check your score?

Kim's Convenience is a Canadian television sitcom that premiered on CBS television.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: With which friend Janet starts living

  • A. Gerald
  • B. John
  • C. Nathan
  • D. Terry

Q2: Who started dating Shannon

  • A. Alejandro
  • B. Jake
  • C. Charles
  • D. Raymond

Q3: Who won the Moss Park Business Person of the year award

  • A. Mr Chin
  • B. Mr Mehta
  • C. Mr Khan
  • D. Mrs Kim

Q4: Who started living with the Kims

  • A. Jung
  • B. Pastor Nina
  • C. Kimchee
  • D. Min Soon

Q5: In which company does Jung work

  • A. AM International
  • B. Car Rentals Shop
  • C. Handy Car Rental
  • D. Rental Mobile Shop

Q6: Who gets the store's old freezer

  • A. Mrs Ada
  • B. Jake
  • C. Jung
  • D. Janet

Q7: How much money was there in the old tv

  • A. 2000 dollars
  • B. 3000 dollars
  • C. 1000 dollars
  • D. 500 dollars

Q8: With whom Janet was in a relationship

  • A. Raj
  • B. Akash
  • C. Sam
  • D. Tom

Q9: What is Gerald's girlfriend's name

  • A. Amy
  • B. Rosa
  • C. Gina
  • D. Chelsea

Q10: What is the full form of GED

  • A. General Educational Development
  • B. General Education Difference
  • C. Guru Eunice Department
  • D. General Eunice Dailyness