How well you know about The Kominsky Method season 1 and check how much you know about the show?

The Kominsky Method is an American comedy drama streaming television series created by Chuck Lorre that premiered on Netflix.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Who runs a small actor's studio in Hollywood

  • A. Sandy and his daughter Mindy
  • B. Norman
  • C. Lisa
  • D. Margaret

Q2: Which actor portrayed the role of Norman

  • A. Michael Douglas
  • B. Melissa Tang
  • C. Alan Arkin
  • D. Al Pacino

Q3: What kind of disease was Norman's wife Eileen battling

  • A. Cancer
  • B. Lowest Respiratory Infections
  • C. Diabetes Mellitus
  • D. Tuberculosis

Q4: What is Norman's daughter's name

  • A. Rachel
  • B. Janet
  • C. Phoebe
  • D. Courtney

Q5: Which actor was pitching a new script to Norman

  • A. Elliott Gould
  • B. Brad Pitt
  • C. Tom Hanks
  • D. Tom Cruise

Q6: How much money was Sandy owing to IRS

  • A. $20,000
  • B. $300000
  • C. $560000
  • D. $234000

Q7: Where was Norman and Sandy dropping off Phoebe

  • A. A rehab
  • B. A hotel
  • C. A hospital
  • D. A Church

Q8: With whom Norman went out on a date

  • A. Elisa
  • B. June
  • C. Sienna
  • D. Dianne

Q9: Who was Sandy's new girlfriend

  • A. Lisa
  • B. Joana
  • C. Elena
  • D. Alice

Q10: Who has his own talent agency

  • A. Mindy
  • B. Danny
  • C. Norman
  • D. Sam