How well you know about The Kominsky Method season 2 and check how much you know about the show?

The Kominsky Method is an American comedy drama streaming television series created by Chuck Lorre that premiered on Netflix.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Where did Norman and Madelyn met

  • A. At a restaurant
  • B. At a hotel
  • C. At a funeral
  • D. At Pastry School

Q2: What is Mindy's boyfriend's name

  • A. Martin
  • B. Jack
  • C. Edward
  • D. John

Q3: Who portrayed the role of Sandy's ex wife

  • A. Catherine Zeta Jones
  • B. Courtney Cox
  • C. Jennifer Aniston
  • D. Kathleen Turner

Q4: Who gives his screenplay to Norman

  • A. Waiter Mark
  • B. Waiter Alex
  • C. Sandy
  • D. Mindy

Q5: Where does Phoebe starts working

  • A. At a Yoghurt shop
  • B. At a beauty store
  • C. At a medicine Shop
  • D. At a restaurant

Q6: Which American television sitcom was acted by Sandy's students in the studio

  • A. 2 Broke Girls
  • B. Friends
  • C. New Girl
  • D. Two and a Half Men

Q7: Which movie does Margaret act out with Sandy

  • A. Iron Lady
  • B. I, Tonya
  • C. Doubt
  • D. Blue Valentine

Q8: Who accompanies Sandy to his treatments

  • A. Phoebe
  • B. Darsha
  • C. Daryl
  • D. Norman

Q9: What is Phoebe's son's name

  • A. Robby
  • B. June
  • C. Michael
  • D. Alan

Q10: Who was the guest teacher at the acting classes

  • A. Meryl Streep
  • B. Allison Janney
  • C. Tina Turner
  • D. Angelina Jolie