How well you know about Marlon season 2? Take this quiz to know?

Marlon is an American sitcom television series that premiered on August.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: In the first episode which profession Stevie was interested in

  • A. Basketball Coach
  • B. Massage therapist
  • C. Comedy
  • D. Influencer

Q2: Why Marlon and Ashley was pretending to be married to each other

  • A. Because Marlon don't want to upset his sisters
  • B. Because Marlon wants to spend more time with the kids
  • C. Because Ashley don't want to upset her father
  • D. They were not pretending to be married

Q3: For which product Zack became a spokesmodel

  • A. Kids Party clothing line
  • B. Kids athletic clothing line
  • C. Kids casual clothing line
  • D. Kids Formal Clothing line

Q4: Who became Ashley's wingman

  • A. Marlon
  • B. Demi
  • C. Arsena
  • D. Joana

Q5: In the group who has the lowest uber rating

  • A. Stevie
  • B. Marlon
  • C. Yvette
  • D. Marley

Q6: What was the name of Yvette's boyfriend

  • A. Chandler
  • B. Matthew
  • C. Ross
  • D. Demetrius

Q7: Who decorated Marlon's apartment

  • A. Ashley
  • B. Marlon himself
  • C. Zack
  • D. Joana

Q8: Why did Marlon hosted a party at his house

  • A. To impress his kids
  • B. To impress the landlords
  • C. To impress Ashley
  • D. To impress Stevie

Q9: What kind of career advice did Marlon gave on Zack's career day

  • A. On being a doctor
  • B. On non traditional careers
  • C. On design business
  • D. On factory business

Q10: Who organized Marlon's fake funeral party

  • A. Marlon himself
  • B. His youtube fans
  • C. His Kids
  • D. There was no funeral party