How well you know about The Middle series? Take this quiz to know?

The Middle is an American sitcom about a lower-middle-class family and their day to day struggles of home life, work and struggling children.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: What town The Middle set in

  • A. South Bend
  • B. Carmel
  • C. Orson
  • D. Fort Wayne

Q2: What is Mike's favorite NFL team

  • A. Buffalo Bills
  • B. Colts
  • C. Atlanta Falcons
  • D. Chicago Bears

Q3: Which actress narrated the whole series

  • A. Patricia Heaton
  • B. Meryl Streep
  • C. Emilia Clarke
  • D. Viola Davis

Q4: What college does Axl attended

  • A. Oxford University
  • B. Cambridge University
  • C. East Indiana State University
  • D. Orson University

Q5: What are Brick's quirks

  • A. Talks really Loud
  • B. Telling Lies
  • C. Eating chocolates all the time
  • D. Whispering and Whooping

Q6: Where does Mike work

  • A. The Limestone Quarry
  • B. The Coal Quarry
  • C. At a Restaurant
  • D. At a School

Q7: What is Mike's brother's name

  • A. Peter
  • B. Rusty
  • C. Brick
  • D. Alex

Q8: Name the cheerleader group created by Sue

  • A. Wrestlerettes
  • B. Cheer Team
  • C. Let's Cheer
  • D. Sue Cheer Team

Q9: What job does Frankie have on the show

  • A. Engineer
  • B. Teacher
  • C. Party Planner
  • D. Dentist

Q10: Which kid lives with the Ferguson's for a month

  • A. Mike
  • B. Sue
  • C. Brick
  • D. Axl