Answer this quiz questions based on Mom season 3 and check your score?

The third season of the television comedy series Mom began airing on CBS in the United States.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Which character was portrayed by Ellen Burstyn

  • A. Julie
  • B. Shirley
  • C. Donna
  • D. Sienna

Q2: Which teenage addict do Bonnie and Christy help

  • A. Halley
  • B. Felicity
  • C. Jodi
  • D. Monica

Q3: Who is Baxter's new girlfriend

  • A. Janice
  • B. Elaine
  • C. Catherine
  • D. Candace

Q4: Name the lawyer Christy works for

  • A. Steve
  • B. Eric
  • C. Jim
  • D. Oscar

Q5: Who is Christy's lesbian aunt

  • A. Donna
  • B. Jeanine
  • C. Mimi
  • D. Beth

Q6: Who went with Jill to a charity gala

  • A. Christy
  • B. Marjorie
  • C. Wendy
  • D. Bonnie

Q7: With whom Marjorie got married

  • A. Sam
  • B. Red
  • C. Victor
  • D. Dylan

Q8: What lead to Jodi's death

  • A. Accident
  • B. Drug Overdose
  • C. Murder
  • D. Suicide

Q9: What type of job was offered to Adam

  • A. Teaching Job
  • B. Building Managing
  • C. House cleaning job
  • D. Stunt Coordinator

Q10: Who made to dean's list

  • A. Bonnie
  • B. Tammy
  • C. Jill
  • D. Christy