Take this quiz questions based on Parks and Recreation season 7 and check your score?

The seventh and the final season of Parks and Recreation originally aired on the United States on the NBC television network.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: What is the name of Ron's construction company

  • A. Very Good
  • B. We Construct
  • C. Build and Construct
  • D. Building Days

Q2: Name the tech company located in Pawnee

  • A. Teckhnology
  • B. Gryzzl
  • C. Jammed
  • D. Zelena

Q3: What is the name of Donna's real estate company

  • A. Donna Company
  • B. Reagle Real Estate
  • C. Regal Meagle
  • D. Estate Company

Q4: With whom Donna got married

  • A. John
  • B. Gary
  • C. Sherlock
  • D. Joe

Q5: Who decided to run for Congress

  • A. Leslie
  • B. Tom
  • C. Ben
  • D. Ron

Q6: What is the name of the pie making contest

  • A. Pie Day
  • B. Pie Taste
  • C. Pie Mary
  • D. Pie Pawnee

Q7: Who became the new mayor of Pawnee

  • A. Gary
  • B. Ben
  • C. April
  • D. Rob

Q8: At the end who became the Governor of Indiana

  • A. Katherine
  • B. Leslie
  • C. Joan
  • D. Cate

Q9: Who was Donna's maid of honor

  • A. April
  • B. Jodie
  • C. Marry
  • D. Joana

Q10: Which actor portrayed the character Walter Gunderson

  • A. Brad Pitt
  • B. Rob Lowe
  • C. Chris Lowe
  • D. Bill Murray