Peaky Blinders final season is yet to be released in India, Let's see how well you know about the Shelbys.?

Peaky Blinders is a British show based on a Real Crime drama from early 20th century set in Birmingham, England. The show is about a family who runs the most powerful Local gang in England and make money from illegal betting and Black market.

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   Author : Swayamjyoti Dalpat

Q1: What is the name of the pub where the Peaky Blinders drink?

  • A. The Black Lion
  • B. The Garrison
  • C. Royal Oak
  • D. White Hart

Q2: Who ordered the death of Grace?

  • A. Alfie Solomons
  • B. Michael Campbell
  • C. Vincente Changretta
  • D. Darby Sabini

Q3: What product does Alfie Solomons make in the Camden Warehouse?

  • A. Gin
  • B. Beer
  • C. Rum
  • D. Whisky

Q4: What is the name of Ada's communist Lover?

  • A. Luca Changretta
  • B. Freddie Thorne
  • C. Johnny Dogs
  • D. Billy Kimber

Q5: Who is the singer of the track " Red Right Hand"

  • A. Tom waits
  • B. Nick Cave
  • C. Trey Spells
  • D. Pj Harvey

Q6: What is the name of Tommy and Grace's son

  • A. Charlie
  • B. John
  • C. James
  • D. Arthur

Q7: What was the cursed Gemstone Grace was wearing when she was killed?

  • A. Sapphire
  • B. Diamond
  • C. Pearl
  • D. Topaz

Q8: How many actors have played the role of Winston Churchill throughout the whole show?

  • A. 4
  • B. 1
  • C. 3
  • D. 5

Q9: What was the name of Tommy's girlfriend who dies before he left for First World War?

  • A. Greta Jurossi
  • B. Grace Burgess
  • C. Jessie Eden
  • D. Gina Gray

Q10: What was the name of the tea room where Inspector Campbell and Tommy Shelby meet for the first time?

  • A. Glass tearoom
  • B. Lickey tearoom
  • C. Herbal tearoom
  • D. Bellocq tearoom