Take these quiz questions based on Pushpavalli season 1 and check how much you know about the show?

Pushpavalli is an Indian web television comedy drama series created by Sumukhi Suresh.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Where did Pushpavalli first met Nikhil

  • A. In a food conference
  • B. In a library
  • C. In a hotel lobby
  • D. In a Law Firm

Q2: In which name Nikhil calls Pushpavalli

  • A. Push
  • B. Pushpa
  • C. Lee
  • D. Pu

Q3: Who was the owner of the PG

  • A. Tara
  • B. Sonia
  • C. Neha
  • D. Vasu

Q4: Where does Pushpavalli starts working in Bangalore

  • A. In a Children's library
  • B. In a Coffee House
  • C. In a School
  • D. In a Restaurant

Q5: In which show does Pushpavalli invites Nikhil

  • A. Wine tasting event
  • B. Dance Show
  • C. Singing Competition
  • D. In a stand up comedy show

Q6: With whom Pankaj goes on a wine tasting event

  • A. Pushpavalli
  • B. Swati
  • C. Swarooj
  • D. Disha

Q7: What is the name of Nikhil's dog

  • A. Tuffy
  • B. Tommy
  • C. Dukie
  • D. Sienna

Q8: What did Pushpavalli did to gain Nikhil's attention

  • A. She broke her hand
  • B. She broke her nose
  • C. She broke her back
  • D. She broke her leg

Q9: Which stand up comedian portrayed the role of Vinencio

  • A. Zakir Khan
  • B. Kenny Sebastian
  • C. Vir Das
  • D. Kanan Gill

Q10: Why did Pushpavalli went to Nikhil's house

  • A. To meet her mother
  • B. To meet Nikhil
  • C. To install a hidden camera
  • D. To steal Nikhil's shirt