Take this quiz and see how well you know about Donald Trump??

Donald Trump is the president of the United States, who represents Republican Party.

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   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

Q1: Donald Trump was the _______ President of the United States

  • A. 44
  • B. 45
  • C. 46
  • D. 47

Q2: Who was Donald Trump's wife when he became President of the United States?

  • A. Michelle Robinson
  • B. Patricia Ryan
  • C. Barbara Pierce
  • D. Melania Knauss

Q3: Who was the Vice President of the United States under Donald Trump?

  • A. Nelson Rockefeller
  • B. Mike Pence
  • C. Al Gore
  • D. Patricia Ryan

Q4: What was President Donald Trump's nickname?

  • A. Comeback Kid
  • B. The Donald
  • C. Barry
  • D. The Great Communicator

Q5: Where was President Donald Trump born?

  • A. New York
  • B. Hawaii
  • C. Arkansas
  • D. Ohio

Q6: Where did Donald Trump graduate from college?

  • A. Wharton School of Finance
  • B. New York University
  • C. Princeton Law School
  • D. Harvard Business School

Q7: Donald Trump became very wealthy working in what business?

  • A. Stock market
  • B. Real estate development
  • C. Banking
  • D. Automobile manufacturing

Q8: Which of the following reality TV shows made Donald Trump a household name?

  • A. Survivor
  • B. American Idol
  • C. The Apprentice
  • D. The Bachelor

Q9: What Democrat did Donald Trump defeat in the 2016 general election for President of the United States?

  • A. Hillary Clinton
  • B. Mitt Romney
  • C. Barack Obama
  • D. Ted Cruz

Q10: What was Donald Trump's campaign slogan during the 2016 presidential election?

  • A. For the Future
  • B. Return to Normalcy
  • C. Make America Great Again
  • D. For the Future