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Answer this quiz questions based on Durga Khote and see how much you know about her?

Answer this quiz questions based on Durga Khote and see how much you know about her

Durga Khote was an Indian actress, beginning as one of the foremost leading ladies of her time. She also ranks in top ten for actresses in mother roles in Hindi cinema.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 18-May-2020

Q1: Where Durga Khote was born

  • A. Bombay
  • B. Punjab
  • C. Delhi
  • D. Tamil Nadu

Q2: What was her real name

  • A. Rita Kumar
  • B. Vita Lad
  • C. Ranu Krishna
  • D. Bina Mehta

Q3: In which movie she made her debut

  • A. Farebi Jaal
  • B. Geeta
  • C. Tasveer
  • D. Zameen

Q4: Government of India has honoured her with which civilian award

  • A. Bharat Ratna
  • B. Padma Bhusan
  • C. Padma Vibhusan
  • D. Padma Shri

Q5: What is the name of her autobiography

  • A. Durga Khote
  • B. My Journey: Durga Khote
  • C. I, Durga Khote
  • D. Brief Bollywood: Durga Khote

Q6: Which character was portrayed by her in the movie Maharathi Karna

  • A. Ramani
  • B. Krishna
  • C. Shakuni
  • D. Kunti

Q7: Which year she wos awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award

  • A. 2000
  • B. 1983
  • C. 1988
  • D. 1990

Q8: For which movie she won the Filmfare Award

  • A. Paapi
  • B. Naam Chor
  • C. Paheli
  • D. Bidaai

Q9: What is the name of her advertising agency

  • A. Khote Productions
  • B. Ad Productions
  • C. Durga Khote Productions
  • D. Durga Agency

Q10: When Durga Khote died

  • A. 22 sept 1991
  • B. 21 dec 1990
  • C. 24 jan 1998
  • D. 23 mar 1990

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