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How well you know about Grace and Frankie season 6? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Grace and Frankie season 6? Take this quiz to know

Grace and Frankie is an American comedy series which premiered on May 8, 2015, on Netflix.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 20-Apr-2020

Q1: With whom Grace gets married to

  • A. Nick
  • B. Robert
  • C. Bud
  • D. Phil

Q2: Who was Bud's ex girlfriend

  • A. Taylor
  • B. Jessica
  • C. Amy
  • D. Penny

Q3: Who starts taking swimming classes

  • A. Grace
  • B. Coyote
  • C. Jack
  • D. Sol

Q4: Who was the guardian of Liz and Erin's child

  • A. Dan
  • B. John
  • C. Barry
  • D. Klaus

Q5: With whom Barry and Brianna go on a double date

  • A. Mallory and Dan
  • B. Grace and Nick
  • C. Jack and Jo
  • D. Anna and David

Q6: In which company Brianna works

  • A. Open Beauty
  • B. Say Grace
  • C. Join Line
  • D. Together

Q7: With which Shark investor did Nick have a problem

  • A. Rohan Oza
  • B. Daymond John
  • C. Kevin Harrington
  • D. Mark Cuban

Q8: Which character portrayed the role of Jack

  • A. Michael McKean
  • B. Brad Pitt
  • C. Nicki Swift
  • D. Bred Koban

Q9: Who was Bud's biological cousin

  • A. Greg
  • B. Jordan
  • C. Leo
  • D. Conan

Q10: What is Nick's ex-wife name

  • A. Narnia
  • B. Lily
  • C. Miriam
  • D. Jodie

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