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Take this quiz on history of Science?

Take this quiz on history of Science

Day to day life, we encounter a lot of things related to science. Do you know the basics of science and how it all started. Take this quiz and check your knowledge on history of Science quiz

   Author : Manas Karali

   Posted On : 02-Oct-2019

Q1: In Greek what is the meaning of the word astronomy?

  • A. Unknown and Space
  • B. Space and Order
  • C. Star and Law
  • D. Space and Planet

Q2: In which area working on iron occurred at first?

  • A. China
  • B. Middle East
  • C. Greece
  • D. Meso-America

Q3: Reason behind why Honey is so effective to treat wounds?

  • A. The moistness allows skin cell to grow without forming a scar.
  • B. The thickness of honey protects the wound from outside infections.
  • C. An enzyme in the honey breaks down to form a disinfectant.
  • D. All of these

Q4: In some areas Red ants are used to treat wounds. How does it work?

  • A. They keep other insects from invading the wound site.
  • B. They secrete an acid which keeps the wound clean.
  • C. They stop bleeding.
  • D. They cover the wound with their bodies and protect it from moisture.

Q5: In April 14, 2003 The human genome is fully mapped, what does this map called as

  • A. DNA
  • B. Family Tree
  • C. Life Expectancies
  • D. Ethnicities

Q6: Who invented X-Rays in the year 1895?

  • A. Hendrick Lorentz
  • B. Lord Rayleigh
  • C. Marie Curie
  • D. Wilhelm Rotgen

Q7: Until 20th Century the smallest particle is?

  • A. Molecule
  • B. Atom
  • C. Cell
  • D. Element

Q8: Who gave the theory that the Earth is the center of the solar system?

  • A. Ptolemy
  • B. Euripides
  • C. Plato
  • D. Socrates

Q9: Which drug was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming?

  • A. Aspirin
  • B. Chloroquine
  • C. Penicillin
  • D. Homeopathic Remedies

Q10: What is the substance made from nitrate, charcoal and sulphur which accidentally discovered by a Chinese alchemist?

  • A. Printing
  • B. Compass
  • C. Paper making
  • D. Gunpowder

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