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Take this India's Independence Quiz and see how well you know it??

Take this India's Independence Quiz and see how well you know it?

India got Independence on 15th August 1947. See how well you know it.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 12-Aug-2020

Q1: Who was the Governor General of India when the first war of India's independence broke out in 1857?

  • A. Lord Jamming
  • B. Lord Canning
  • C. Lord Mathur
  • D. Lord Broad

Q2: The first session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by:

  • A. Womesh Chander Banerjee
  • B. Akash Banerjee
  • C. Chadra Sekhar Banerjee
  • D. Binoy Banerjee

Q3: Who set up the Indian Independence League?

  • A. Bihari Mohan Bose
  • B. Binay Kumar Bose
  • C. Subhash Chnadra Bose
  • D. Rash Bihari Bose

Q4: Who once remarked“ Nehru is patriot while Jinnah is a Politician”

  • A. Mohammed Bisai
  • B. Mohammed Amir
  • C. Mohammed Iqbal
  • D. Mohammed Qadir

Q5: Where was the Civil disobedience movement launched in1922?

  • A. Bardoli
  • B. Mardoli
  • C. Badouli
  • D. Binduli

Q6: When was the Non-Cooperation movement suspended?

  • A. 1928
  • B. 1925
  • C. 1924
  • D. 1922

Q7: Which movement marked GandhijiÂ’s entry into national politics?

  • A. Indian independence movement
  • B. Quit India Movement
  • C. Non-Cooperation movement
  • D. Champaran Movement

Q8: The first weekly paper published by the Indian National Congress in 1889?

  • A. Voice of India
  • B. Hicky's Bengal Gazette
  • C. The Calcutta Gazette
  • D. Bombay Samachar

Q9: Who is the founder of Ghadar party?

  • A. Lala Hardayal
  • B. Gandhi ji
  • C. Subhash Chnadra Bose
  • D. Lala Lajpat Ray

Q10: Name of the commission which was appointed by the British Government to probe the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

  • A. Government Commission
  • B. Mukherjee Comminssion
  • C. Simmon Commission
  • D. The Hunter Commission.

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