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How well you know about Killing Eve season 2? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Killing Eve season 2? Take this quiz to know

Killing Eve is a spy thriller television series that premiered on BBC America in the United States.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 20-Aug-2020

Q1: What is Carolyn's son's name

  • A. Kenny
  • B. Hugo
  • C. Marcus
  • D. Bel

Q2: Who was Villanelle's new handler

  • A. Joshua
  • B. Sherlock
  • C. Manny
  • D. Raymond

Q3: With whom Eve was married to

  • A. Niko
  • B. Shawn
  • C. Danny
  • D. Jeremy

Q4: What is the name of Villanelle's new undercover

  • A. Kate
  • B. Marlee
  • C. Billie
  • D. Joan

Q5: Which nickname was given to new murderer by Eve

  • A. Mary Poppins
  • B. The Ghost
  • C. The Lady
  • D. The Skipper

Q6: Where did Villanelle killed his first client

  • A. In a Lake House
  • B. In a Library
  • C. In a lift
  • D. In a Lobby

Q7: In whose place was wounded Villanelle staying

  • A. Glenn
  • B. Michael
  • C. John
  • D. Julian

Q8: In which place Aaron invites Villanelle

  • A. Rome
  • B. Chicago
  • C. America
  • D. Russia

Q9: What was the safe word

  • A. Dead
  • B. Safe
  • C. Gentleman
  • D. Done

Q10: Who at the end of the season shoots Eve

  • A. Konstantin
  • B. Carolyn
  • C. Villanelle
  • D. Raymond

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