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How well you know about Made In Heaven season 1? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Made In Heaven season 1? Take this quiz to know

Made In Heaven is a 2019 Indian drama web television series that premiered on Amazon Video.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 23-Jun-2020

Q1: What is the name of Tara and Karan's wedding agency

  • A. Made In Heaven
  • B. Wedding Party
  • C. Marriage Ceremonial
  • D. Holy Matrimony

Q2: What is Aliya Saxena's profession

  • A. Doctor
  • B. Journalist
  • C. Consultant
  • D. Modelling

Q3: Who is Tara married to

  • A. Adil Khanna
  • B. Karan Kapoor
  • C. Rajiv Saxena
  • D. Rahul Khan

Q4: What is the name of Karan's friend who is getting married to Karan's old lover

  • A. Damini
  • B. Bobby
  • C. Bubbles
  • D. Zara

Q5: Which company is Tara and Karan's nemesis

  • A. Wedding Rites
  • B. Nuptial Party
  • C. Happy Weddings
  • D. Harmony Weddings

Q6: With whom Adil is cheating

  • A. Shibani
  • B. Faiza
  • C. Shobana
  • D. Jonita

Q7: Which actor portrayed the role of Jauhari

  • A. Vijay Raaz
  • B. Arjun Mathur
  • C. Jim Sarbh
  • D. Neel Madhav

Q8: Who has installed camera in Karan's room

  • A. Karan himself
  • B. Tara
  • C. His ex boyfriend
  • D. His landlord Ramesh Gupta

Q9: Who was Karan's first love

  • A. Arbaaj
  • B. Sahil
  • C. Iqbal
  • D. Josh

Q10: What is Jaspreet Kaur mainly called by her colleagues

  • A. Preet
  • B. Jazz
  • C. Kaur
  • D. Jaspreet

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