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Answer this quiz questions on Marsha Mason and check your score?

Answer this quiz questions on Marsha Mason and check your score

Marsha Mason is an American actress and director. She won Golden Globes for her work.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 17-May-2020

Q1: Where Marsha Mason was born

  • A. Boston
  • B. Seattle
  • C. Missouri
  • D. New York

Q2: In which movie she made her debut

  • A. I Love Trouble
  • B. Bereft
  • C. Stella
  • D. Hot Rod Hullabaloo

Q3: How many times she was nominated for Academy Award

  • A. 0
  • B. 4
  • C. 1
  • D. 3

Q4: Which celebrity screenwriter was married to ker

  • A. Neil Simon
  • B. Paul Newman
  • C. Henry Fonda
  • D. Paul Mazurski

Q5: For which movie she won the Golden Globe Award

  • A. Chapter Two
  • B. Fargo
  • C. The Goodbye Girl
  • D. Stella

Q6: In which short film she starred in

  • A. Lights Out
  • B. Across Grace Ally
  • C. Movie 43
  • D. Mama

Q7: Who was her co star in the movie The Goodbye Girl

  • A. Richard Dreyfuss
  • B. Ashton Kutcher
  • C. Amy Poehler
  • D. Brad Pitt

Q8: Name the play directed by him

  • A. King John
  • B. Juno's Swans
  • C. The London Prodigal
  • D. The Challenging

Q9: Which character was voiced by him in the series Sibs

  • A. Nora
  • B. Aulie
  • C. Lily
  • D. Noah

Q10: In which series she did a recurring role

  • A. Army Wives
  • B. The Good Wife
  • C. Seinfeld
  • D. Frasier

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