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How well you know about Mom season 1? take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Mom season 1? take this quiz to know

The first season of the television comedy series aired on CBS in United States.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 22-Apr-2020

Q1: Which actress portrayed the role of Bonnie

  • A. Allison Janney
  • B. Angelina Jolie
  • C. Beth Behrs
  • D. Jodie Foster

Q2: Which actress portrayed the role of Christy

  • A. Octavia Spencer
  • B. Jennifer Aniston
  • C. Jennifer Lopez
  • D. Anna Faris

Q3: What is Christy's children's name

  • A. Violet and John
  • B. Julie and Roscoe
  • C. Violet and Roscoe
  • D. Roscoe and Matt

Q4: Who character in the series gets pregnant

  • A. Christy
  • B. Bonnie
  • C. Regina
  • D. Violet

Q5: Who was Violet's boyfriend

  • A. Greg
  • B. Oliver
  • C. Luke
  • D. Loren

Q6: Which actor did a cameo in the series

  • A. Jon Cryer
  • B. Steve Carell
  • C. Michael Sheen
  • D. Martin Sheen

Q7: Who was Christy's ex husband

  • A. Todd
  • B. Bud
  • C. Baxter
  • D. Adam

Q8: In which restaurant does Christy work

  • A. Lovely Food
  • B. Rustic Fig
  • C. The Gateway
  • D. The Road

Q9: What is Christy's father's name

  • A. Adam
  • B. Spencer
  • C. Joe
  • D. Alvin

Q10: Name the fireman who was dating Christy

  • A. Dick
  • B. Boyle
  • C. David
  • D. Jake

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