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Answer this quiz questions based on Mom season 4 and check your score?

Answer this quiz questions based on Mom season 4 and check your score

The fourth season of the sitcom Mom began airing on October 27, 2016 on CBS in the United States.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 06-Jul-2020

Q1: Where does Jeanine wants Christy to work

  • A. In her Real Estate Firm
  • B. In a Restaurant
  • C. In a School
  • D. In a Law Firm

Q2: Who wanted to be Christy's wingman

  • A. Bonnie
  • B. Beth
  • C. Marjorie
  • D. Jill

Q3: In which place Violet was staying for her job

  • A. Boston
  • B. Chicago
  • C. Lake Tahoe
  • D. Paris

Q4: Where does Marjorie take Jill to make her feel better

  • A. A soup kitchen for volunteer work
  • B. To a mall
  • C. To a AA Meeting
  • D. To her house

Q5: Which of Christy's kid started using drugs

  • A. No One
  • B. Roscoe
  • C. Jane
  • D. Olivia

Q6: What kind of thing Christy steals from the boutique

  • A. A hat
  • B. Sunglasses
  • C. A dress
  • D. Nothing

Q7: Who decided to have a baby

  • A. Bonnie
  • B. Christy
  • C. Beth
  • D. Jill

Q8: Why did Bonnie went to the Cheese and Wine festival alone

  • A. Because Adam didn't wanted to join
  • B. Bonnie had only one ticket
  • C. She never went to any festival
  • D. She didn't go alone

Q9: Who is Adam's ex wife

  • A. Glenn
  • B. Bonnie
  • C. Danielle
  • D. Leanne

Q10: Which character was portrayed by Chris Pratt

  • A. Nick Banaszak
  • B. Frank
  • C. Joe
  • D. Brad

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