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Answer this quiz questions based on Mom season 5 and check your score??

Answer this quiz questions based on Mom season 5 and check your score?

The fifth season of the sitcom Mom began airing on November 2, 2017 on CBS in the United States.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 07-Jul-2020

Q1: In which test Christy scored average marks

  • A. SAT
  • B. LSAT
  • C. TASC
  • D. TOEFL

Q2: With whom Bonnie got engaged

  • A. Jim
  • B. Danny
  • C. Adam
  • D. Leo

Q3: Adam and Ray went to which basketball game

  • A. Warriors Basketball Game
  • B. Miami Heat
  • C. Orlando Magic
  • D. Chicago Bulls

Q4: What kind of car does Ray drive

  • A. Sedan
  • B. Truck
  • C. Mercedes
  • D. Compact Car

Q5: Who helps Natasha to move to an unused apartment

  • A. Bonnie
  • B. Christy
  • C. Jill
  • D. Mindy

Q6: What did Christy and Bonnie did for financing Christy's college applications

  • A. Christy took an educational loan
  • B. Adam gave them money
  • C. Christy took the money from Marjorie
  • D. Both of them stopped using cable and internet

Q7: Which important thing was stolen from Bonnie and Christy's house

  • A. Beer Bottle
  • B. Laptop
  • C. Mobile Phones
  • D. Wine Bottles

Q8: Where does Adam's brother stays

  • A. Santa Cruz
  • B. Palo Alto
  • C. Oxnard
  • D. Ventura

Q9: Who went to a weight loss retreat

  • A. Jill
  • B. Nora
  • C. Wendy
  • D. Bonnie

Q10: Who was Christy's new sponsor

  • A. Tamra
  • B. Monica
  • C. Rachel
  • D. Nora

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