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Netflix announces Movie based on the Famous Comic "The Archies", Only True fans can ace this Quiz!?

Netflix announces Movie based on the Famous Comic

The Archies live action will premiere exclusively on Netflix and is directed by Zoya Akhtar. It is based on the beloved Archie comics, which were published in 1941, created by John Goldwater, Artist Bob Montana with writer Vic Bloom.

   Author : Swayamjyoti Dalpat

   Posted On : 17-May-2022

Q1: What was the name of the School Archie and his friends attend?

  • A. Riverdale High
  • B. Bayside High school
  • C. North Shore High School
  • D. Rydell High school

Q2: What is Mr. Weatherbee's first name in the "Archie Comics?

  • A. William
  • B. Hiram
  • C. will
  • D. Waldo

Q3: What is Jughead's Sister named?

  • A. Jellybean
  • B. Cheryl
  • C. Kat
  • D. Cassie

Q4: What Instrument does Veronica Play?

  • A. Banjo
  • B. Saxophone
  • C. Keyboard
  • D. Banjo

Q5: What is the name of Archie's Band?

  • A. The Archies
  • B. Savage groove
  • C. The Badlands
  • D. Tech Giants

Q6: Who is Katy Keene's arch rival?

  • A. Gloria Grandbilt
  • B. Polly
  • C. Pepper Smith
  • D. Alexandra Cabot

Q7: What is the name of Betty Cooper's Older brother who went off to college before she started high school?

  • A. Chic
  • B. Clinton
  • C. Joseph
  • D. Kevin

Q8: When did the Archie's comics first appear?

  • A. 1941
  • B. 1934
  • C. 1952
  • D. 1980

Q9: What are the names of Ginger Lopez sisters?

  • A. Polly & Cassie
  • B. Eliza & Teresa
  • C. Katy & Maddie
  • D. Cheryl & Tabitha

Q10: I am the Principal of Riverdale High. I love to get Archie in detention for anything! Who am I?

  • A. Mr. Keller
  • B. Mr. Weatherbee
  • C. Mr. Lodge
  • D. Mr. Joseph

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