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Take this quiz and see how well you know about birthday girl Palak Muchhal ??

Take this quiz and see how well you know about birthday girl Palak Muchhal ?

Palak Muchhal is an Indian playback singer. Her work is also recognised by the Government of India and other public institutions through various awards and honours.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 30-Mar-2020

Q1: When Palak Muchhal was born?

  • A. 30 March 1989
  • B. 30 March 1990
  • C. 30 March 1991
  • D. 30 March 1992

Q2: How children lives did she save through her charity shows?

  • A. 1331
  • B. 1332
  • C. 1333
  • D. 1334

Q3: In which movie did she sing her first bollywood song?

  • A. Aashiqui 2
  • B. Damadamm!
  • C. Action Jackson
  • D. Kick

Q4: How many albums did she release?

  • A. 4
  • B. 5
  • C. 6
  • D. 7

Q5: At which age her first album was released?

  • A. 7
  • B. 8
  • C. 9
  • D. 10

Q6: What was the name of her first album?

  • A. Child For Children
  • B. Aao Tumhe Chand Per Le Jaaye
  • C. Beti Hu Mahakal Ki
  • D. Dil Ke Liye

Q7: What was the name of her fisrt bengali song?

  • A. Tumi Acho
  • B. Jalsa Ghor
  • C. O Humsafar
  • D. Tui Borsha Bikeler Dheu

Q8: Why had she make her entry in both Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of World Records?

  • A. great achievements in social work
  • B. great achievements in singing career
  • C. great achievements in perosnal work
  • D. for singig highest number of songs in one day

Q9: How man charity shows has Muchhal staged across the world which had raised ₹1.71 crore (US$240,000) for Palak Muchhal Heart Foundation by 2009 June?

  • A. 460 charity shows
  • B. 1,500 charity shows
  • C. 1,270 charity shows
  • D. 1,460 charity shows

Q10: On which year was she recognished by Silver Medal by Vice-President of India Krishan Kant as National Child Award For Exceptional Achievement?

  • A. 2000
  • B. 2001
  • C. 2002
  • D. 2003

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