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How well you know about Panchayat season 1? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about  Panchayat season 1? Take this quiz to know

Panchayat is an Indian comedy drama web television series on Amazon Prime Video produced by TVF.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 08-Jun-2020

Q1: For which test Abhishek Tripathi was getting prepared

  • A. ATMA
  • B. UPSEE
  • C. CAT
  • D. KMAT

Q2: Who became the secretary of the Panchayat

  • A. Abhishek
  • B. Brij Bhushan
  • C. Prahlad
  • D. Vikas

Q3: Who is the official Pradhan of Phulera

  • A. Saloni Devi
  • B. Ahsaas Devi
  • C. Jonita Devi
  • D. Manju Devi

Q4: What was written on the note when the stolen monitor was returned

  • A. I Thought it was a TV. I am Sorry
  • B. I took it for fun.
  • C. Nothing was written
  • D. I have damaged the monitor

Q5: Which character was portrayed by Neena Gupta in the series

  • A. Roshni Sen
  • B. Dolly Nair
  • C. Aruna Roy
  • D. Manju Devi

Q6: What kind of chair does Abhishek Tripathi buys

  • A. Wooden Chair
  • B. Comfortable chair with wheels
  • C. Comfortable chair with no wheels
  • D. Chair with table attached

Q7: Where was the 13th solar light installed

  • A. In front of Brij Bhushan's house
  • B. In Vikas's house
  • C. In the panchayat office
  • D. In Prahlad's house

Q8: How many days Brij Bhushan decided to spend under the Bhootha Ped

  • A. 5 days
  • B. 10 days
  • C. 2 days
  • D. 3 days

Q9: In the episode "Ladka Tez Hai Lekin" what was the baby boy's name

  • A. Aatmaram
  • B. Aarav
  • C. Rajan
  • D. Gopal

Q10: What is Abhishek Tripathi' s salary

  • A. Rs 30000
  • B. Rs 43000
  • C. Rs 9000
  • D. Rs 20000

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