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Take this quiz on Erica Robin Miss Universe Pakistan?

Take this quiz on Erica Robin Miss Universe Pakistan

Take this quiz on Erica Robin Miss Universe Pakistan

   Author : Jonathan

   Posted On : 12-Oct-2023

Q1: What year did Erica Robin become Miss Universe Pakistan?

  • A. 2019
  • B. 2020
  • C. 2021
  • D. 2022

Q2: In which city was Erica Robin born?

  • A. Lahore
  • B. Karachi
  • C. Islamabad
  • D. Peshawar

Q3: Before winning Miss Universe Pakistan, what other beauty pageant did Erica Robin participate in?

  • A. Miss Pakistan World
  • B. Miss Earth Pakistan
  • C. Miss World Pakistan
  • D. Miss Asia Pacific Pakistan

Q4: Which cause or charity is Erica Robin most passionate about?

  • A. Education for underprivileged children
  • B. Animal welfare
  • C. Environmental conservation
  • D. Healthcare for the elderly

Q5: What is Erica Robin's favorite hobby outside of pageantry?

  • A. Painting
  • B. Playing musical instruments
  • C. Cooking
  • D. Traveling

Q6: Which international edition of the Miss Universe pageant did Erica Robin represent Pakistan in?

  • A. Miss Universe USA
  • B. Miss Universe Canada
  • C. Miss Universe Philippines
  • D. Miss Universe Thailand

Q7: Erica Robin is known for promoting a healthy lifestyle. What type of fitness does she actively promote?

  • A. Yoga
  • B. CrossFit
  • C. Pilates
  • D. Aerobics

Q8: During her reign as Miss Universe Pakistan, which global issue did Erica Robin focus on addressing?

  • A. Gender equality
  • B. Climate change
  • C. Mental health awareness
  • D. Poverty alleviation

Q9: In which year did Erica Robin represent Pakistan at the Miss Universe pageant on the international stage?

  • A. 2018
  • B. 2019
  • C. 2020
  • D. 2021

Q10: What is the motto or slogan that Erica Robin often uses to inspire and motivate others?

  • A. "Believe in your dreams."
  • B. "Empower through beauty."
  • C. "Strength in diversity."
  • D. "Beauty with a purpose."

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