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Take this quiz and see how well you know about lord Shiva??

Take this quiz and see how well you know about lord Shiva?

Have fun attempting our fabulous Shivratri Quiz. And see how well you know lord Shiva

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 13-Feb-2020

Q1: In Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva is considered to be teh god of

  • A. Creation
  • B. Hapiness
  • C. Preservation
  • D. Destruction

Q2: Along with Lord Shiva, which other two Gods are part of the Holy Hindu Trinity?

  • A. Brahma and Bishnu
  • B. Ganesh and Durga
  • C. Kartik and Ganesh
  • D. Durga and Shiva

Q3: What three fundamental powers of Lord Shiva does his Trishul (Trident) symbolize?

  • A. Kindness Endurance and Perseverance
  • B. Will Action and Knowledge
  • C. Strenght Will anf Vigour
  • D. Honesty Sincerity and Intelligence

Q4: Which of these is not a name of Lord Shiva?

  • A. Brahma
  • B. Bishnu
  • C. ManMhan
  • D. Bhairava

Q5: This is believed to be the divine abode of Lord Shiva?

  • A. Kumara Parvata
  • B. Mandara Parvata
  • C. Annapurna Parvata
  • D. Kailasha Parvata

Q6: According to Hindu mythology, which sacred river flows from the matted hair of Shiva?

  • A. Ganga
  • B. Saraswati
  • C. Yamuna
  • D. Sindhu

Q7: This bull serves as Shiva's mount

  • A. Vasuki
  • B. Nandi
  • C. Kamdhenu
  • D. Shakti

Q8: The dancing posture of Lord Shiva is represented as

  • A. Trinetra
  • B. Bholenath
  • C. Nataraja
  • D. Shankara

Q9: Shiva was given the name "Neelakantha" because

  • A. He has a blue complexion
  • B. He likes the blue color
  • C. He throat a blue in color
  • D. He killed a blue skinned monster

Q10: Shiva's body is said to consist of five mantras, called

  • A. Maha Mritunjay Mantra
  • B. Panchendriya
  • C. Panchabrahman
  • D. Panchabhuta

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