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Quiz - Sean Payton: The True Story of 'Home Team'?

Quiz - Sean Payton: The True Story of 'Home Team'

How much you know about the Story of 'Home Team', take this Sean Payton Quiz

   Author : Jonathan

   Posted On : 31-Jul-2023

Q1: What historic occasion does the Fourth of July commemorate?

  • A. The end of the Revolutionary War
  • B. The signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • C. Adoption of the Declaration of Independence by Congress
  • D. The signing of the Constitution

Q2: In which city was the Declaration of Independence signed?

  • A. Boston
  • B. New York
  • C. Philadelphia
  • D. Washington

Q3: Who was suspended from the NFL for a year due to the "Bountygate" scandal?

  • A. Sean Payton
  • B. Gregg Williams
  • C. William Fichtner
  • D. Kevin James

Q4: What was the scandal "Bountygate" about?

  • A. Offering bounty payments for hits and injuries on opponents
  • B. Selling illegal merchandise at NFL games
  • C. Using performance-enhancing drugs
  • D. Illegal gambling on NFL games

Q5: During his suspension, what did Sean Payton do to scratch his football itch?

  • A. Coached his son's youth football team
  • B. Joined a rival football league as a coach
  • C. Became a TV football analyst
  • D. Traveled to study football strategies in Europe

Q6: Which actor played Sean Payton in the movie "Home Team"?

  • A. Adam Sandler
  • B. Rob Schneider
  • C. Taylor Lautner
  • D. Kevin James

Q7: What did Sean Payton do during the 2012 season when he was banned from coaching in the NFL?

  • A. Coached a college football team
  • B. Worked as an NFL commentator
  • C. Coached his son's middle-school football team
  • D. Took a year off from football entirely

Q8: What was the real name of Sean Payton's ex-wife in the movie "Home Team"?

  • A. Beth
  • B. Jackie
  • C. Sally
  • D. Susan

Q9: Which team did the real-life youth football team, Liberty Christian Warriors, represent?

  • A. Dallas Cowboys
  • B. New Orleans Saints
  • C. Washington Redskins
  • D. San Francisco 49ers

Q10: What did Sean Payton use in coaching the youth football team in the movie "Home Team"?

  • A. Simplified versions of Saints plays
  • B. Trick plays never seen before
  • C. Strategies from other sports like baseball and basketball
  • D. Video game tactics from Madden NFL

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