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Guess the real names of these Bollywood celebrity.?

Guess the real names of these Bollywood celebrity.

Celebs who have changed their name before entering Bollywood.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 10-Feb-2020

Q1: What is Ranveer Singh's real name

  • A. Ranveer Padukone
  • B. Raman Singh
  • C. Ranveer Bhavnani
  • D. Ranveer Singh Roy

Q2: What is Ajay Devgan's real name

  • A. Varun Devgan
  • B. Vicky Devgan
  • C. Amal Devgan
  • D. Vishal Devgan

Q3: What is Priety Zinta's real name

  • A. Preetam Zinta Singh
  • B. Pritha Roy Singh
  • C. Priety Singh
  • D. Preeti Singh

Q4: What is Saif Ali Khan's real name

  • A. Sanjay Ali Khan
  • B. Sajid Ali Khan
  • C. Salim Ali Khan
  • D. Salman Ali Khan

Q5: What is John Abraham's real name

  • A. Akshay Abraham
  • B. Karthik Abraham
  • C. Farhan Abraham
  • D. Karan Abraham

Q6: What is Johnny Lever's real name

  • A. Johnny Dey
  • B. John Fernandes
  • C. John Rao
  • D. Johnny Ray

Q7: What is Imran Khan's real name

  • A. Imran Pal
  • B. Imran Hussain
  • C. Imran Ali
  • D. Imran Bahinipati

Q8: What is Katrina Kaif's real name

  • A. Kareena Kaif
  • B. Katrina Turquotte
  • C. Katrina Khan
  • D. Isabel Kaif

Q9: What is Rajinikanth's real name

  • A. Shivaji Jay
  • B. Sayaji Rao
  • C. Shivaji Rao Gaikwad
  • D. Rajani Rao

Q10: What is Mahima Chaudhry's real name

  • A. Mani Chaudhry
  • B. Mahi Chaudhry
  • C. Reeta Chaudhry
  • D. Ritu Chaudhry

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