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Take this quiz about Seinfeld season 4 and check your score?

Take this quiz about Seinfeld season 4 and check your score

Season four of Seinfeld, an American comedy television series created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 10-Jun-2020

Q1: What kind of idea George comes up for the sitcom

  • A. A show about nothing
  • B. A show about vampires
  • C. a story about love
  • D. A show about food making

Q2: What is Cheryl's profession

  • A. Writer
  • B. Professor
  • C. Lawyer
  • D. Doctor

Q3: With which NBC executive George starts dating

  • A. Camilla
  • B. Selena
  • C. Donna
  • D. Susan

Q4: Where was Babu Bhatt deported

  • A. India
  • B. Pakistan
  • C. NEW York
  • D. Paris

Q5: What does Kramer want to buy before the movie

  • A. Cola
  • B. Hot Dog
  • C. Popcorn
  • D. Ice Cream

Q6: What movie the gang was planning to watch together

  • A. Grown Up
  • B. Price
  • C. Marry Poppins
  • D. Checkmate

Q7: In the episode "The Airport" who decided to take the first class seat

  • A. George
  • B. Kramer
  • C. Jerry
  • D. Elaine

Q8: What kind of gift does Jerry give to his father

  • A. A wallet
  • B. A watch
  • C. A umbrella
  • D. A sweater

Q9: How much money was paid for the new wheelchair

  • A. $50
  • B. $120
  • C. $230
  • D. $240

Q10: In the episode "The Pitch" Kramar trades a radar detector for which thing

  • A. silver spoon
  • B. watch
  • C. suit
  • D. Helmet

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