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How well you know about Seinfeld season 9? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Seinfeld season 9? Take this quiz to know

Season nine of Seinfeld, an American television series created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 30-Jul-2020

Q1: Where does Elaine go with David Puddy

  • A. Paris
  • B. Europe
  • C. Boston
  • D. Chicago

Q2: What did Kramer used for shaving

  • A. Perfume
  • B. Jelly
  • C. Jam
  • D. Butter

Q3: What is the name of Kramer's intern

  • A. Darin
  • B. Ben
  • C. Nicole
  • D. Gary

Q4: Which show's television set did Kramer got from the Garbage

  • A. The Daily Show
  • B. The Talk
  • C. The Merv Griffin Show
  • D. Conan

Q5: In which place did Sue Ellen got married

  • A. India
  • B. Seattle
  • C. Nepal
  • D. Bhutan

Q6: Who was in Alcoholics Anonymous

  • A. Glenn Jolie
  • B. Donna Rhetta
  • C. Jason Hanky
  • D. David Puddy

Q7: Who gets an eviction notice for reversing the peepholes

  • A. Kramer
  • B. Newman
  • C. George
  • D. Elaine

Q8: Which famous person's cufflinks did Jerry buy

  • A. Dave Chappelle
  • B. Jerry Lewis
  • C. Chris Rock
  • D. Bill Hicks

Q9: Who was shoplifting at the bookstore

  • A. Jerry
  • B. Elaine
  • C. Kramer
  • D. Uncle Leo

Q10: How many years were all of them sentenced to jail

  • A. 2 years
  • B. 1 year
  • C. 33 Years
  • D. 21 years

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