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How well you know about The Office season 4? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about The Office season 4? Take this quiz to know

The fourth season of the American television series The Office premiered in the United States on NBC. The season consisted of 9 half hour episodes and 5 long hour episodes.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 06-Apr-2020

Q1: Who outsells The Dunder Mifflin website

  • A. Jim
  • B. Pam
  • C. Michael
  • D. Dwight

Q2: What type of car did Andy sell to Dwight

  • A. Honda Accord
  • B. Nissan Xterra
  • C. Ford Mustang
  • D. Toyota Corrolla

Q3: What product is Jan trying to start her own business

  • A. Candles
  • B. Soap
  • C. Lotion
  • D. Plants

Q4: Which computer game Dwight is on all the time

  • A. Spore
  • B. Fortnite
  • C. Second Life
  • D. Half Life 2

Q5: Which member of the branch Michael hit with his car

  • A. Meredith
  • B. Stanley
  • C. Ryan
  • D. Robert

Q6: What does Michael give to the clients he lost

  • A. Free Paper
  • B. Chocolate
  • C. Flowers
  • D. Gift Baskets

Q7: Which employee Karen tries to get from Scranton

  • A. Kelly
  • B. Toby
  • C. Phyllis
  • D. Stanley

Q8: Which employee found Pam's glasses attractive

  • A. Angela
  • B. Oscar
  • C. Kevin
  • D. Toby

Q9: In the episode "Dinner Party" Who was Dwight's date

  • A. Erin
  • B. A Homeless Woman
  • C. Kelly
  • D. Creed

Q10: Which Scranton branch worker went out camping with Ryan

  • A. Toby
  • B. Stanley
  • C. Creed
  • D. Pam

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