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How well you know about The Office season 9? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about The Office season 9? Take this quiz to know

The ninth and final season of the American television comedy The Office premiered on NBC and it consisted of 25 episodes.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 20-Apr-2020

Q1: What instrument does Roy play at his wedding

  • A. Cello
  • B. Piano
  • C. Guiter
  • D. Fluke

Q2: Who is Dwight's new girlfriend

  • A. Esther
  • B. Janice
  • C. Lauren
  • D. Grace

Q3: Who was Jan's assistant in "The Whale"

  • A. Tom
  • B. Bud
  • C. Molly
  • D. Nicole

Q4: What language does Dwight teach Erin

  • A. French
  • B. Spanish
  • C. German
  • D. Dothraki

Q5: Who was Dwight's best man at his wedding

  • A. Michael
  • B. Jim
  • C. Mose
  • D. Andy

Q6: Where does Pam paint a mural

  • A. In the Office
  • B. In her Car
  • C. In the Warehouse
  • D. In her house

Q7: After Andy quits what song does he sing in the office

  • A. Too good at Goodbyes
  • B. Goodbye my Lover
  • C. Farewell
  • D. I Will Remember You

Q8: Who finds out that Oscar is dating the senator

  • A. Kevin
  • B. Phyllis
  • C. Toby
  • D. Angela

Q9: Who reunites with his/her biological parents

  • A. Nellie
  • B. Erin
  • C. Ryan
  • D. Kelly

Q10: Who were the new guys working in the office

  • A. Pete and Clark
  • B. John and Greg
  • C. Mose and Don
  • D. Robert and Sol

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