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This quiz will tell how much you know about Lord Shiva?

This quiz will tell how much you know about Lord Shiva

This quiz will tell how much you know about Lord Shiva

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 13-Feb-2018

Q1: Which form of Shiva is known as the Lord of animals and beasts, who controls our beastly passions?

  • A. Vrkshanath
  • B. Pashupati
  • C. Bhuteshvar
  • D. Mahakala

Q2: In which form is Shiva known as Lord of Time?

  • A. Rudra
  • B. Mahadev
  • C. Mahakala
  • D. Ardanarishwara

Q3: Brahma the uncaring creator was punished by Shiva by cutting his fifth head. Which form did Shiva take to undertake this divine mission?

  • A. Bhairava
  • B. Dakshinamurti
  • C. Rudra
  • D. Bhuteshwar

Q4: Shiva as the great cosmic teacher is known by the name

  • A. Rudra
  • B. Neelakantha
  • C. Dakshinamurti
  • D. Kalabhairav

Q5: As the keeper of the sacred plant Soma, Shiva is known as

  • A. Vaidyanath
  • B. Somanath
  • C. Kapalin
  • D. Bhasmeshvar

Q6: Sati the wife of Shiva was the daughter of

  • A. Daksha Prajapati
  • B. Himavan
  • C. Indra
  • D. Sage Vishwamitra

Q7: To avenge Sati?s death, Shiva plucked his hair and threw it down and from it appeared

  • A. Nandi
  • B. Bhasmasura
  • C. Chamunda
  • D. Virabhadra

Q8: Parvati was the daughter of

  • A. Sage Vasishta
  • B. Daskha
  • C. Himavan, the king of mountains
  • D. Gautam Rishi

Q9: Shiva drank the poison that appeared during the Samdura Manthan (churning of ocean) and he came to be known as

  • A. Trilochan
  • B. Kapardin
  • C. Neelakantha
  • D. Bhava

Q10: The three flying cities that Shiva destroyed was known as

  • A. Meru
  • B. Tripura
  • C. Lanka
  • D. Indralok

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